The Apps area in MovoSuite configuration allows you to view details for specific applications, and configure whether an app requires a billing code to be deployed, requires admin approval for deployment, or is hidden from the self-service form. Additionally, MovoSuite also surfaces details on how many licenses are available, as well as the app Bundle ID, useful for configuring Home Screen / folder layout configuration profiles in Intune.

MovoSuite also fetches the latest app artwork URLs and descriptions from Apple, ensuring MovoSuite catalog details remain up to date with Appleā€™s App Store.

Clicking the Expand button on an app in the Apps list will show the install and remove groups that MovoSuite has provisioned. MovoSuite automatically provisions a pair of Install and Remove groups (defaults to Z-AG-VPPTOKEN-iOS-INSTALL/REMOVE-APP NAME), and assigns the appropriate Intune app intent to the groups. During self-service deployment processing, MovoSuite adds or removes devices from the appropriate app group.


FIGURE 21. App List

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